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About S & P Solutions Group

S&P Engineering Solutions is a part of S&P Solutions Group leading provider of engineering, construction, and technical services for public agencies, Government agencies and as well as to private sectorcompanies in India established in 2010. The Company offers a full range of program management, Technical Security System planning design and engineering, systems engineering and technical assistance, construction and construction management, operations and maintenance, management and operations, information technology, and decommissioning and closure services. S&P provides services for federal, Security, oil and gas, infrastructure, power, and industrial projects and programs.


The organizational structure of S&P Engineering Solutions is designed to provide maximum visibility for all of its projects at the corporate level and enhancement of direct interaction with the contract-site offices as is necessary for their operational support. The company was founded on the principle of providing as much autonomy for on-site Project Managers as possible—while providing the structure and resources to support and augment the site management and staff whenever needed. Similarly, certain components of the corporate office are afforded direct interaction with on-site operations in order to achieve the goals or requirements of their particular client. The unique demands placed on the offices overseeing Safety, Quality Control, Environmental Compliance, Human Resources, Affirmative Action, and the like, fall under this organizational structure.

Team Power

We have a team of experts, who are very dedicated towards their work. They are very cooperative with each other and work in harmony. Their main motive is to provide superlative products to the esteemed clients. To achieve this aim, they work with diligence.

Our Business Model

With vast experience, S&P Engineering Solutionshas polished its business model by finding the best and cost-effective method to support our customers. The Proprietor runs a decentralized organization, with a lean and focused staffs that is relatively flat, minimizing the bureaucracy frequently seen in mid to large sized companies. Corporate is readily available to support the field as needed. Each project has the tools to run their organization, feeding information to corporate for payroll, and receiving corporate assistance with purchasing discounts, human resources, financial planning and other support efforts. Our network and software maintain reliable, effective and accurate applications that produce continual and virtually effortless efficient communications between field and corporate.

Research and Development

We follow effective innovation, research and development to produce unmatched quality products. Continuous innovation in products is done with the assistance of our robust R&D unit. R & D unit helps us in improving the quality of the products and optimizing client’s satisfaction level.

Warehousing and Packaging

We have a spacious warehouse, which is well equipped with all the essential facilities. It assists us in storing the products safely in bulk and in delivering them within the stipulated time period. Utmost care is taken, during the packaging of products, so that they reach their desired destination safely and easily.

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